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For over a decade, the Grand-Flo Group has been establishing successful data management and collaboration solutions for corporations ranging from Fast Moving Consumer Goods businesses to the Financial Institutions, Education Organisations and even multinational establishments. We have been empowering businesses to manage and collaborate their data efficiently no matter where its origins or capacity frequencies.

We stand by our value proposition to provide a collaboration of top-notch products and innovative solutions to revolutionise the way businesses manage their data today. By specialising in Enterprise Data Collection and Collation System (EDCCS) solutions, better known as automatic identification and data capture (AIDC), our specialist team is able to bring together the right hardware and software to create the ideal EDCCS solution for your business needs and requirements. Our success has made us the leading brand in the country where we serve 40% of the market in the industry.

Besides that, our home-grown ManageSuite solution is also an emerging product in the market. A comprehensive range of precision tools, ManageSuite has proven to increase efficiency, harvest market intelligence and facilitate sales force mobility while minimising potential errors to almost zero. Complemented with any barcode products, ManageSuite enable users to manage and track assets in warehouses, retail outlets and office buildings. With ManageSuite, many businesses have experienced transformation in their operations that leads to unlocking the full potential of their business growth.

Our premier EDCCS solutions have also taken flight into the Asia region as we serve multinational clients. At current, the Grand-Flo Group in Malaysia consists of Grand-Flo Spritvest Sdn Bhd, Grand-Flo Electronic System Sdn Bhd, Grand-Flo Data Centrix Sdn Bhd, Grand-Flo Capital Sdn Bhd and Labels Network Sdn Bhd with regional offices in other countries including China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. We take pride in what we do. And we are looking forward to empower you to achieve even more with your data and information.


When Title Research House Recommendation
March 2018 4QFY17 Results Update BCT Asia Hold
November 2017 3QFY17-Results Update BCT Asia Hold
October 2017 Update Report BCT Asia Hold
August 2017 2QFY17 Results Update BCT Asia Hold
May 2017 1QFY17 Results Update BCT Asia Buy

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